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Canvas Cosmetics   ~ Designed for the Human Race ~

Canvas Cosmetics are a progressive Concept Line designed for men and women of all races and all colours.

Our belief is that the consumer's have become more aware, educated and enlightened about the products and items they are purchasing and using.

We have a single purpose: To provide quality Cosmetic and Skin Care products.

Canvas Cosmetics upholds a level of professionalism and responsiveness to customer needs that is attained only when commitment to excellence is accompanied by personal pride.

~Barbara Guttenberg


Order's may be placed by phone or via email.

Phone orders may be placed during business hours:
Monday - Saturday
9:00 -5:00 p.m. PST
(818) 481-4113

As this site is going under some updates ... we still look forward to being of service to all of you and your specific needs.

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